Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are some of the worst to be involved in. The driver is completely exposed to harm, unlike in a car, but the accidents aren’t always the driver’s fault. In fact, some of the top causes of  are because of things outside of the drivers control. Take a look as these common causes and be sure to drive safely and defensively in Orlando- especially on I4.

Failing to check blind spots- Surely, you’ve seen the ‘check twice’ bumper stickers reminding people to look at their blind spots a second time just incase they missed a motorcycle the first time. However, many drivers don’t even check a first time. When the vehicle goes to change lanes, a collision can happen.

Car doors- People that park on the road don’t always check their mirror or their blind spot before swinging open their door. Of course, the motorcyclist will not be expecting this and could potentially drive straight into it.

Dangerous road conditions- Situations such as potholes, debris, or poor pavement can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike.

Motorcycle defects- Poor manufacturing of parts and structure of the bike can cause injury and death in a collision.

Sudden stops- When traffic suddenly comes to a halt, it’s not uncommon for rear-end accidents to occur. For cars, this may end up as just a fender-bender; but it can result in serious injuries to motorcyclists.

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