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Nursing Home Abuse, Medical Malpractice, and Premises Liability Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Richard Troutman, our attorneys are experts in all areas of personal injury law, including medical malpractice, premises liability, and nursing home abuse. Following the example of experienced personal injury attorney Richard Troutman, our attorneys devote full care and attention to every case they handle. We take pride in making ourselves accessible to our clients, taking the time to answer their questions and develop the strongest, most thorough cases possible on their behalf. If you have any questions about the types of personal injury cases we handle, from nursing home abuse to premises liability, contact our attorneys in the Orlando, Florida, area today. We would be pleased to answer your questions and to evaluate your case.

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Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Winter Park and Orlando

When you entrust your health to medical professionals, they are legally and ethically obligated to meet rigid standards of safety and care. When doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare professionals fail to meet this standard, they may be held responsible for any injury or wrongful death that results. Our medical malpractice attorneys in Winter Park have helped many medical malpractice victims and their families obtain compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, mental anguish, and other damages.

Under the law, medical malpractice can take many possible forms, including surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis of a disease or condition, and the failure to treat a condition properly or in a timely manner. Medical malpractice also extends to mistakes made by pharmacists in filling prescriptions, as well as to mistakes made by anesthesiologists in monitoring vital signs and oxygen intake when a patient is under anesthesia. The emotional and financial costs of medical malpractice are nearly impossible to gauge, particularly when it leads to permanent disability in a newborn baby or the death of a beloved family member. This is why our medical malpractice attorneys in the Orlando area offer personal attention and accessibility that are uncommon in the legal profession. Truly, we want to help you and your family through this most difficult of times.

If you or a loved one has been injured while in the care of a healthcare professional or institution, please contact the medical malpractice attorneys at The Troutman Law Firm for an evaluation of your case.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Central Florida

When you legally enter upon someone else’s property by implied or express consent, the owner of that property is obligated to maintain reasonably safe conditions and to make you aware of any potential hazards. Under the law of premises liability, if the owner neglects this obligation, he or she may be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result. If you have been injured while on someone else’s property, our premises liability attorneys in Central Florida may be able to help you obtain compensation for your damages.

The law of premises liability extends to both commercial and private properties. For example, a business owner who fails to provide security guards, particularly at a location known to be dangerous, may be held liable if a violent act is visited upon a customer. Likewise, the owner of an apartment building may be held liable for damages that occur to his tenants due to his failure to provide adequate locks and other security devices. Our premises liability attorneys in Central Florida can also file claims on behalf of those who have suffered slip and fall injuries due to spills, obstructions to walkways, failure to post clear warnings of unsafe conditions, and other preventable causes.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your premises liability case, please contact our attorneys in Central Florida today.

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse Attorneys in Winter Park and Orlando

Nursing homes are expected to provide safe, attentive care to those who can no longer properly care for themselves without aid. Unfortunately, as nursing homes become more crowded and qualified employees become scarcer, the number of reported cases of elder abuse continues to rise. This is why our nursing home abuse attorneys in Central Florida proudly offer their expert legal services to the loved ones of those who may be helpless to defend themselves against such abuse. We handle the full range of nursing home abuse cases, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

It is important to note that the signs of nursing home abuse may not always be immediately obvious. Because many victims already suffer from mental or physical impairments, they may not always be able to articulate what is happening to them. Likewise, because of their condition, many nursing home residents are particularly susceptible to threats and manipulation. Signs of nursing home abuse include radical changes in behavior or diet, unexplained cuts or bruises, and sudden disappearance of property or personal funds. If you have even a slight suspicion that someone you love is the victim of nursing home abuse, it is imperative that you seek legal advice immediately. Our nursing home abuse attorneys in Central Florida can help to ensure that those responsible for injuring the elderly victim are made to answer for their negligent and wrongful actions. Contact The Troutman Law Firm in the Orlando, Florida, area today for compassionate legal representation you can trust.

Defective Product Attorneys in Winter Park and Orlando

When you purchase a product, you enjoy certain protections under the law. The most important of these is the implied guarantee that a product will be free from defects that would render it unnecessarily and unforeseeably dangerous. If you are injured by a defective product while using it for its intended purpose, you may be entitled to compensation from those responsible. Depending on the type of defect, this may include any or all parties involved in the design, manufacture, assembly, marketing, or sale of the product. Our product liability attorneys in the Orlando area can file suit on behalf of those who have been injured due to defective parts, improper labeling, inherent flaws in the design of a product, and other forms of negligence.

Recently, a number of product liability claims have been filed on behalf of those injured by defective prescription medicines. Among the most recent of these are claims involving Duragesic® pain patch by Janssen Pharmaceutica. The Duragesic® patch is intended to treat chronic pain through the gradual release of an extremely strong pain reliever called fentanyl into the body. Janssen Pharmaceutica has had to recall millions of these patches throughout 2004 due to defective seals that allow either too much or too little fentanyl to be released. The leak of fentanyl can lead to reactions ranging from nausea and vomiting to cardiac arrest. An insufficient amount of fentanyl can result in a patient experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, including sleeplessness and abdominal pain. A fentanyl overdose can result in coma or even death.

If you or a loved one has experienced adverse side effects while using the Duragesic® pain patch, please contact the product liability attorneys at The Troutman Law Firm today. Through personal attention and a thorough knowledge of product liability law, our attorneys can help you and your family achieve the justice you deserve.

Dangerous Furniture Attorneys in Central Florida

Every year, thousands of people are injured in tip-over accidents involving furniture that is dangerous or improperly secured. The majority of these victims are children who have access to dangerous furniture that has not been properly safeguarded. A falling TV or bookshelf can result in serious injury, permanent disability, or even death, particularly in the case of young children. If you or someone you love has been injured by furniture that has fallen or been tipped over, including television sets and stands, shelves, desks, tables, and other potentially hazardous furniture, please contact The Troutman Law Firm today. Our personal injury attorneys in Central Florida may be able to help you obtain compensation for your damages.