True Stories From Real Clients of Orlando Attorney Troutman

You have so many things to worry about after your accident. Whether you hired the right Central Florida accident attorney should not be one of them. The Richard The Troutman Law Firm has a well-earned reputation throughout Florida. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See what our past clients and other attorneys have to say about us.

Testimonials from clients of the Richard The Troutman Law Firm

Testimonials from other attorneys

We earned our reputation through our case results and our commitment to quality service – and by working tirelessly on every case we handle. We routinely review accident reports, medical records, interview witnesses and ask questions to uncover the truth. We often visit the scene of the accident as well. Call 866-434-5770 for a free case evaluation right now. You can also contact us online to tell us about your circumstances.

Testimonials from clients of the Richard The Troutman Law Firm

The following are testimonials from some of the clients helped by attorney Richard Troutman and his associates in Orlando and throughout Florida.

Testimonial from Betty, a Florida medical malpractice client – overall rating five stars, excellent:

I was first introduced to Mr. Troutman through another lawyer who happened to hear about my troubles when I was talking with my waitress friend about how my son’s case was going to be closed forever. This lawyer suggested I talk with Mr. Troutman. I went home and called, he said come to his office immediately.

I went to the office with all my son’s files. I had the files for less than a month at this point. I had researched and tried to get the case extended but the judged had turned me down. I obviously did not understand the legal system. When I walked into Mr. Trountman’s office, he understood that I had a knowledge of this case and I had a passion for justice for my young son.

Rick’s firm had less than 48 hours to prepare something for the upcoming date of dismissal of the case. Rick had me sign papers but said he could not promise anything but he would do his best to get justice for my son.

Rick’s firm represented me in the judge’s chambers. Thankfully that judged granted a continuation because I had legal representation. My son’s case would have been closed that day if Rick did not take this case. I was so thankful just to have someone who believed in the case. I could not believe that my son had a lawyer that believed in his case and was willing to represent him.

During this time my older son was on a traveling soccer team. The team needed some equipment. I approached Rick and ask him if he wanted to get some advertising. He said he would help but not to worry about advertising. He donated enough for the team to get a large shade tent and supplies.

I remember when the case was in the court system, I would call the office to talk to the lawyer who was handling the case. I would actually talk with the lawyer and if he was unavailable Rick would get on the phone and talk with me. I found myself apologizing to Rick and he would say “no, don’t apologize that’s what I am here for.” This client/attorney relationship started to feel more like a friendship. Rick would ask my how my son was doing in school. He was concerned how he was communicating with his family. I knew Rick truly cared about the welfare and the future of my son.

My son’s school had a yearly planner that all the students received. This particular year it was going to be difficult for the school to purchase the planners. I went to Rick and ask if he wanted to help. He was more than happy to. We had a character qualities program at the school. Rick decided to put his Law firm’s name under the character qualities in small print. He focused on the character qualities, not his Law firm’s name. This is a man of true integrity. He would rather focus on good character qualities than his Law Firm’s name.

My son’s case did get settled and he will receive compensation for the medical mistakes that were made. I will never forget that day Rick said he wished it was more but I said if it was not for you it would be nothing! Because of Rick, my son will have an easier life. Rick took less than what we agreed on. PLUS he gave a large portion of his share to the lawyer that referred me to him. ALSO he reimbursed all the monies the other law firm (the firm that almost had my son’s case dismissed) had invested in. Rick is my son’s HERO!

Believe it or not! Unfortunately, I had a car accident a few years later. I called Rick and he took care of me. He truly cared about my health and getting me back to as normal as possible. He told me not to worry about anything that he would take care of all the details and HE DID. I had therapy, messages, medicine, evaluations, and x-rays, everything was documented. After all my medical care, the case was settled, AGAIN Rick took less monies than what we had agreed on, so that I would have some monies left for my pain and suffering. This man is truly a person who has found his calling and I feel so fortunate that I can call him a friend and feel so lucky I know who to call if I need help.

Testimonial from Walid, a Florida auto accident injury victim – overall rating five stars, excellent:

Every time I called Mr. Troutman’s cell he answered right away, he is one of a kind lawyer, kept me updated day by day.

Testimonial from David, a Florida personal injury accident victim – overall rating five stars, excellent:

Mr. Troutman is an exceptional attorney who listens, connects with clients, and provides the kind of legal advice and counsel a person looks for and need when life happens. When in legal need, Richard Troutman is the person I call to help ease my mind when unexpected legal needs arise. Another plus for Mr. Troutman is his servant’s heart and community advocacy. There are many attorneys one can choose when needing legal advice or service, for me and my family, we choose Attorney Richard B. Troutman. You should do the same!

Testimonial from Thomas, a lawsuit/dispute client – overall rating five stars, excellent:

If you need a caring individual with a strong experienced office, then Rick is the one you want in your corner! The man came to the hospital and the retirement home to ensure I was receiving proper medical attention, I was at either place for over 30 days(each) and I only saw one lawyer at the hospital once and none at the home, Rick came many times and with his help we found a nurse to assist throughout. Rick and his staff are really good at their jobs and very nice people. His office came highly recommended from more than one source and rightfully so…he stayed with the case and I felt he took care, in how he helped me at that time and in the future. I was well represented and have no regrets with the outcome, that was 6 or 7 years ago, I wake every other day thinking how my case could have gone the other way, I am grateful we chose Richard Troutman! Thanks to him and his staff will never be strong enough for what he and his staff have done! If you have been in an accident, consider his team, they changed my life and maybe they could change yours! Good luck.

Testimonial from Charles Clayton, President of Charles Clayton Construction, Inc., a client who received assistance on a contracts/agreements matter – overall rating five stars, excellent:

Richard Troutman is a man that acts in equity and fairness. In a legal world that is many times upside-down Richard has proven to me time and time again that people can get not only excellent representation but also someone who cares about the end result as much as they do.

I have personally benefited from Richard’s legal advice and representation and recall his personal engagement in my needs as exceptional. The wise counsel and directives he offered were refreshing relative to past experiences with Lawyers. Richard stepped into my only lawsuit in 27 years of operating a business. He brought me through a very tough experience, in my opinion he did for me in 3 months what 2 previous lawyers failed to achieve in 2 years. I would heartily recommend Richard Troutman.

Testimonial from Warren, a Florida personal injury accident victim – overall rating five stars, excellent:

Mr. Troutman is an excellent attorney. He provided excellent information concerning fees, legal procedures, and time factors generally required for this type of case. He compiled complete and accurate accident data, produced a film reenacting bicycle/auto accident, and worked with the insurance company, all the while keeping me updated and confident in his work. Final case settlement was excellent and no loose ends left.

His attention to detail and timely paper work kept me comfortable throughout the entire case time. Concern for me and my wife was evident from the start and we were most thankful for that.

When working with Mr. Troutman’s staff it became apparent that he is an excellent manager also.

I have worked with many attorneys and would most certainly rate Mr. Troutman as one of the very best.

I would definitely use and recommend to others that Mr. Troutman be consulted in all matters in his field. But above all, I found Mr. Troutman to be honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable. The legal field is extremely well served by Mr. Troutman.

Testimonial from Anna, Confidential Settlement:

Rick Troutman, as well as his entire staff, always responded in a timely manner. They worked hard on my case and were thorough in explaining the legal process. Troutman always picked up the phone when I called him, he was never too busy to talk to you . His availability over phone and emails provided me a great sense of confidence and comfort. His entire team was always polite and professional and treated me with great respect and care.

I am grateful for Mr. Troutman’s extraordinary services. He is an extremely professional attorney and also a very compassionate and nice human being which is a trait hard to find.

Testimonials from other attorneys

Testimonial from a divorce/separation lawyer in Altamonte Springs:

I have referred many of my clients to Mr. Troutman and they have been exceedingly happy with his zealous representation. Mr. Troutman’s firm truly cares about their clients and I will certainly be sending more of my own clients and friends his way when they are in need of his services.

Testimonial from a wrongful death attorney in Winter Park, FL:

Rick is an excellent trial attorney because people, and juries, trust him. He has that personality in which people feel a natural and comfortable since of confidence and trust in him…Rick is very clever at getting great results at mediation, which benefit his clients due to lower costs and much lower stress and hassle.

Testimonial from a Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Longwood, FL:

For more than 10 years I have referred numerous personal injury cases to Rick. He is unlike many personal injury calls in that he promptly takes and returns phone calls yet manages to settle claims for his clients at a rapid pace. I would encourage people to use Rick without reservation. He’s that good.

Testimonial from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, FL

Rick absolutely lives up to his reputation as the best in the business. He is respected by by peers and opposing counsel, works tirelessly for his clients and is extremely ethical.

Testimonial from a Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney in Orlando, FL

Rick Troutman is an excellent personal injury attorney. He is compassionate and understanding to his clients and very aggressive in pursuit of his client’s legal claims. I strongly endorse Rick Troutman as one of the best PI attorneys in the State.

Testimonial from a Family Law Attorney in Winter Park, FL

I have known Mr. Troutman for more than thirty years during which time I have referred numerous clients to him…In the greater Orlando area, Mr. Troutman is my first choice when contemplating referral of a client who has been injured, be it as the victim of negligence, medical malpractice or otherwise.

Testimonial from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Winter Park, FL

Rick is among the most respected and effective personal injury attorneys in Florida. I have referred him cases in the past, and the clients have always reported back not only their great satisfaction with the results he was able to achieve for them, but also their appreciation for the courtesy, compassion and personal attention he provided to them and their families while the cases were proceeding through the system.

Testimonial from a Contracts / Agreements Lawyer in Orlando, FL

Rick is without doubt the most conscientious attorney I know. He sincerely cares about his clients. This means not only about their cases but about them as individuals as well. He is bright, competent and diligent. He is extremely well spoken.

Testimonial from an Attorney in Orlando, FL

I will continue to refer personal injury cases to him as long as I am in practice. Rick Troutman is without question the best personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Testimonial from a Civil Rights Attorney in Winter Park, FL

Richard Troutman is my son and he is also the most ethical, honest and effective lawyer I know. I have worked with him on cases and observed his extreme competence and care in achieving the best possible results for his clients.

Testimonial from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, FL

I’ve referred friends and family to Rick over the years and he has done a great job for every one of them. He is extremely knowledgeable, ethical, compassionate and well-respected throughout the community.

Testimonial from a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Orlando, FL

Rick gets tremendous results for his clients and I regard him as one of the very best personal injury attorneys in the entire state of Florida, not just Central Florida.