What to Do If You are Involved in a Car Accident

When you get in an accident, you are likely to feel disoriented and muddle-headed, so it can be hard to know what to do on the spot. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you remember what to do in the unfortunate event of an auto accident.

  1. Safety – Try to move your car out of the road, if possible, to avoid any subsequent collisions. Even if you make it out of the first accident unscathed, you are still at risk for a serious injury if your car remains in the middle of the street.
  2. Scan for Injuries – Once you are out of the way, take a moment to clear your head and detect any injuries you might have sustained. If you are in serious pain, don’t take any chances- stay in your car and call an ambulance.
  3. Call the Police – It is always a good idea to call the police, since you never know if the other driver was violating the law. It is also crucial to get the police report to make everything clear for the insurance companies. Copy down the name and badge numbers of the officers for future reference.
  4. Take Pictures – Your smartphone has a camera. If safe to do so, take pictures of the scene of the accident and any damage to the vehicles involved.
  5. Exchange Information with the Other Driver – If neither of you are seriously injured, get out and copy down the other driver’s contact information, license plate number and vehicle details, insurance information, driver’s license, and the location of the collision.
  6. Speak with Insurance Agency – Inform your insurance company of your accident, and they will tell you what specifics they need when you file a claim.
  7. Hire a Lawyer – While straightforward low-impact fender benders may not require legal representation, you will certainly want it if anyone was injured in the accident. An experienced auto accident lawyer can help you avoid bad insurance settlements and make sure you get the compensation you legally deserve.

Throughout this process, it is imperative that you do not comment on the accident, apologize, or say who you think was responsible to anyone but your lawyer or insurance agent. If you do, you could hurt your future chances at receiving appropriate compensation.

At The Troutman Law Firm, we have served individuals involved in auto accidents in the Central Florida area for about 25 years. Whether you were the victim or at fault, our office can help protect you from being taken advantage of by the other party. We’d be happy to review your case with you, so call us at 407-647-5002 for a free consultation.

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