Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Many states require motorcycle drivers to wear helmets now, in order to drastically reduce serious or fatal injuries in the event of a crash. This article will give a quick overview of the many different types of motorcycle helmets currently on the market to help you learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each.


These look like the helmets that soldiers wear in WWII movies, resembling a type of skull cap and leaving the entire jaw and face exposed. Half-helmets are inadequate for motorcycle use because they offer very little protection for crashes and leave the rider susceptible to debris striking their face. They are more appropriate for scooter drivers.

Open-Face Helmets

Improving on half-helmets, these are often referred to as ¾ helmets because they extend their coverage to include the back of the head, while leaving the face open. Again, riders will want to invest in some protective eye-wear when wearing this helmet, since the face is left open. But, these do allow for the least restricted views, which is certainly a plus.

Modular Helmets

This helmet style has benefits of both the Open-Face and Full-Face helmets. Because of their versatility, many riders will elect to wear one of these. In harsh conditions, it can offer almost the level of protection that a Full-Face helmet could, while at the same time offering the freedom to pop up the bottom jaw portion for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Full-Face Helmets

If you want the most protection possible, the Full-Face helmet is essentially a shield for your entire head and face. They guard the rider from all bad weather conditions and the visor can be tinted to reduce the brightness of the sun. To achieve this level of protection, you must be willing to sacrifice some comfort and visibility. Compared to the other helmets, this one is the heaviest, although a higher-end one made with special materials can reduce its weight. Your field of vision will also suffer, as the helmets have an immovable visor.

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