Ultimate I-4 Project – Traffic Dangers

Over the past several years, Central Florida has seen a significant population bump. In 2014 alone Orlando gained 50,000 new residents. Along with that has come more traffic, and once helpful roads have become nearly unusable at certain times. Not least of these is I-4, which many people have relied on for years as their main route to and from work. Because it is the primary corridor through the heart of Orlando, the Florida Department of Transportation has launched the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project to accommodate the growing number of drivers.

I-4 Project Goals

Ultimately the I-4 project aims to make travel through Orlando easier, quicker, and safer. The highway will feature 2 express lanes going in each direction, which will be regulated by price changes depending on how many drivers are currently using the lanes. This will help to keep the traffic flowing at around 50 mph. In addition, 140 bridges will be either installed, replaced, or widened. 15 major interchanges will also be enhanced for easier access. All of these improvements are scheduled to be completed by 2021.

I-4 Construction Dangers Today

In the meantime, traffic is at an all time high. Although the construction crew doesn’t close any lanes at peak hours, the construction itself as well as new traffic flow patterns contribute to congestion. Exit closures can also drive a significant amount of people to nearby exits and clog the surrounding roads. These factors all mean one thing: driving on I-4 is more dangerous than normal.

Heavy traffic drastically increases the chances of an automobile accident. Lulled in by the slow pace, drivers will check their phones frequently and do not pay attention to their surroundings. When traffic is stop-and-go, they might not look up from their phone in time to break and could easily rear-end somebody. Interchange closures can also cause drivers to dangerously and reactively switch lanes, potentially clipping other cars.

Accident Attorney

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