Texting and Driving is Not Safe

It seems like every day now I see a driver sending a text message while driving. It is hard to believe that we not only have to worry about people dialing and talking on cell phones while driving, but now they are taking their eyes completely off the road and sending a text message to their family and friends. Many deaths have been caused by the use of cell phones, especially the use of the test message. Please remember while you are on a motorcycle or driving an automobile that cars all around you are being driven by people who are not paying attention and are preoccupied with the many activities that can be done in a car with current technology. Keep your Uninsured Motorist limits high so you can be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages and suffering if you are injured by this type of driver who may not have insurance at all to cover your injuries. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident contact the Winter Park Florida office of Richard Troutman

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