Lake Maitland Plane Accident

Tragically, on June 12, 2019, about a mile from my office, a small single engine Cessna plane crashed in Lake Maitland. The pilot and passenger were both killed and by the end of the day, they recovered the
small plane.

The cause of the crash is unknown but there is speculation that there was an issue getting gas to the

I am a licensed pilot and have flown the Cessna 182 on many occasions. The older models had
carburetors that could run extraordinarily rich and use far more fuel than anticipated. Many small
planes have crashed because the pilot anticipated a certain amount of fuel available and it simply was
not because of the defective carburetor’s system.

While most plane crashes ultimately are pilot error, many factors can contribute as a result of
negligence in the maintenance and design of the engines.

I filed a lawsuit about ten years ago against the carburetor manufacturer and maintenance people in a
similar crash. This resulted in a settlement, but these cases are extremely difficult to prove. I am so
sorry for the families who suffered this tragic loss.

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