Negligent Maintenance Often the Cause of Truck Accidents

If you’ve ever been driving down the road and ended up stuck in the lane between two big semi-trucks, you know how scary these massive machines can be. Your heart rate goes up and you may yell at the car in front of you to drive faster so you can escape the feeling of being trapped. Most of the time this fear is just in our heads; we pass the trucks, continue on our way and nothing happens. But when semis lose control and you end up in an accident with one, it can be catastrophic.

While it’s often assumed truck accidents are caused by driver error, this is often not the case. Because of their massive size, semi-trucks have additional federally mandated inspections that they need to go through. The owner of the commercial truck must keep records and, if not done adequately, they will remain liable for any damage caused by the truck.

When truck maintenance is lacking, it can lead to accidents from:

  • Brake failure
  • Trailer hitch failure
  • Engine part malfunction
  • Tire blowouts
  • Problems steering
  • Broken lights and lack of reflective gear
  • Bearing too much weight
  • Suspension failure

Whether you suspect negligence in the truck’s maintenance or the driver, we’re here to help. Attorney Richard Troutman personally handles every one of his cases to ensure the best possible outcome. If you or a family member has been involved in a truck accident and would like help the help of an aggressive attorney to get the compensation you deserve, give us a call today at 407-647-5002 to set up your free consultation.

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