Can You Sue a Business After Slipping in Their Bathroom?

Slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter. Each year, tons of people are injured due to unsafe conditions in public facilities such as grocery stores. If you’ve recently had a slip and fall accident in the bathroom of a public business, read on to learn what your legal rights are in this situation.

Do You Have a Case?

A lot goes through your mind when you have an accident in a public space—especially if you were seriously injured. However, one of the first things that many people wonder is whether or not they have some sort of legal recourse against the business where they were injured.

In many cases, you can receive some sort of compensation for the injuries you suffered. However, this depends largely on one thing: whether or not the business is found to be negligent. You can learn more about how negligence may apply to your specific case by speaking to a lawyer.

Understanding Negligence

Determining whether or not a business was negligent in your bathroom slipping accident means looking at numerous different factors. The first factor that determines negligence is duty of care. If a business and its patrons have a certain legally recognized relationship, the business is required to act a certain way toward its patrons. This duty of care is breached when a business doesn’t make an effort to fulfill this duty.

Another common factor in negligence cases is causation. When the proper duty of care would have prevented an injury altogether or lessened the extent of it, the injury is considered to be caused—at least in part—by the business in question. Finally, you have damages. If your situation can be rectified with money, such as paying for medical bills or damage to property, you may be entitled to some sort of financial compensation.

Getting Help

Have you recently suffered a slipping accident in a business’s bathroom? If so, you need a lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Give The Troutman Law Firm a call at (407) 647-5002 to discuss your case and learn more about your rights today.

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