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Whose Insurance Covers My Injury in an Uber?

Sometimes it can be perplexing to try to figure out how new technology really works. This holds true in the case of Uber. The concept is simple: open your app, plug in where you want to go, and a driver will come pick you up to deliver you there. However, figuring out what happens when you have been injured while inside an Uber driver’s car can be a little trickier. You didn’t read all the rules and regulations – you just use the app. Is Uber responsible for my injury? Is my insurance? Is the driver’s insurance?

How Uber Insurance Works

Let’s start with how Uber covers their drivers, because it isn’t completely straightforward. Whenever an Uber driver is using their car for personal reasons and has the app offline, they are covered by their personal auto insurance, not Uber’s. However, it changes when they are either waiting for a request, or en route to pick up a passenger or to drop them off.

Uber’s insurance kicks in when drivers are waiting for a ride request with the app turned on. It covers the driver when they are liable for damages to a third party. However, it is very minimal: $50,000 per person, with a $100,000 limit per accident for bodily injuries. Additionally, their insurance would cover $25,000 in property damage. So, if you are seriously injured in one of these situations, Uber’s insurance might not cover the entirety of your medical bills.

It is a different case when you are injured inside of an Uber during a ride, or if you are hurt by an Uber traveling to pick up a passenger. There is at least a $1,000,000 policy covering drivers for causing injuries to third parties in these scenarios. They also provide $1,000,000 in uninsured/underinsured bodily injury coverage, which kicks in when the at-fault driver causes an accident with your Uber and does not have sufficient insurance to cover the damages. In these two situations, you are well-covered by Uber’s insurance policies for potential injuries.

Uber Accident Lawyer

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