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What to Do If You’ve Had an Accident at an Orlando Theme Park

Florida is famous for its warm beaches, nightlife, and many theme parks like Disney, Universal, and Sea World. Unfortunately, places in Florida like Orlando and Central areas have also had their bouts with theme park accidents. In June 2018, a roller coaster in Daytona Beach derailed, sending several to the hospital. Unfortunately, this is a ride that has been inspected just hours before the malfunctioning happened.

If you have been subjected to an accident or injury in a theme park, there are certain rights that you have to ensure that you are made whole.

What To Do If You’re Injured At An Orlando Theme Park

Take picture and video evidence. Take photographs and videos of dangerous equipment and conditions like broken devices, strange substances, and defects. Remember that you cannot rely on the theme park to record and release this evidence. During legal proceedings, they are only interested in defending themselves.

Save tickets and confirmation texts and emails. The court of law will need to check that you were actually at the theme park during the time of the incident. Sometimes the tickets will also include clauses and conditions explaining that you agree not to hold the park responsible for any injury sustained during your visit.

Smaller parks that have hands-on activities like water parks or go-cart will typically have you sign a form, explaining that they are not responsible for injuries while you are on their property. Make sure that you have a copy of this type of document before leaving the park.

Gather witness testimony. Obtain the names, and personal contact numbers of any witnesse, as well as the actual people who were on the ride with you.

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