Returning War Veterans 35x More Likely to Have a Motorcycle Accident

AutoWeek Magazine reported that car crashes are the single greatest cause of death for a veteran in the first eighteen (18) months after returning home from overseas. Automobile and motorcycle crashes are happening more and more with veterans returning from Iraq. A newly returning veteran is thirty-five times more likely to die on a motorcycle in the first year back from the war than the general population. Somehow, the training and sense of invincibility of a war veteran contributes to the tendency to have an accident. We have recently learned that the Barber people who run the Super Bike School in California have donated four (4) Super Bike Riding-School tuitions and four (4) high-performance driving-school tuitions for eight (8) soon to return members of our military. AutoWeek Magazine reports that even if one life is saved, it is well worth the effort. We want to thank Skip Barber Schools, along with AutoWeek, for reporting this tendency and for trying to help.

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