Does Auto Insurance cover Bicycle Accidents?

Colliding with a bicycle rider in your vehicle is a scary experience, especially when you consider the absurd amount you might have to pay in medical bills and property damage. However, it’s equally scary to be on the other side of things. If you’ve recently been in an accident involving a cyclist or while riding your bike, here’s what you need to know about your insurance coverage.

Is It Covered?

The first thing that’s important to mention when discussing whether or not your auto insurance policy covers a particular type of accident is that every auto insurance policy is different to some degree. What may be covered under one insurance provider’s policy may not be under another’s. If you want to be sure about what your policy covers, speak to your insurance provider or an accident attorney.

Bicycle Riders

If you’re riding a bicycle and collide with an automobile, you’re going to take the brunt of the damage every time. This is why it’s so important to know whether you’re entitled to some sort of compensation when you have a bicycle accident on the road.

The good news is, bicycle riders are generally covered under standard auto insurance policies as long as there is an automobile involved in the accident. Keep in mind that you won’t be entitled to compensation for medical bills unless you have personal injury protection as part of your auto insurance.


As a driver, pretty much anything you do can be covered by your auto insurance policy as long as you aren’t found to be at fault. Since you were driving an automobile at the time of the accident, your insurance may be able to pay for damages to your car and your medical bills in addition to damages to the other party’s bike and their medical bills.

If you’ve recently been in an accident involving an automobile and a bicycle, you’re probably a bit out of sorts. The Troutman Law Firm specializes in helping people get their wits about them and receive the compensation they deserve. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at (407) 647-5002.

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