Contact an Attorney in Cases of Products Liability/Recalled Products

There are many negligence cases that are in the category of “products liability.” Many people remember in around the year 2000 when the Ford Explorer was rolling over and people were being killed and seriously injured. Much of the damages caused by this were related to the tires. In these cases, the manufacturer of the vehicle and the tire had to be brought into the litigation. Many vehicles have been recalled and if you are hurt as a result of what you feel to be a product crash-worthy issue, you should contact an attorney. You would be surprised to learn how many consumer complains, recalls, and defect investigations have occurred based upon the Ford Explorer alone. There is a research tool that you can investigate yourself called the “Vehicle Safety Information Resource Center.” You may want to check this database before purchasing your next vehicle. Even if you are not in the vehicle that rolled over or was defective, but were on a motorcycle or pedestrian injured by one of these vehicles, you may want to investigate more than the policy limits on the driver of the other car that may have been at least partially at-fault.

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