Construction Accidents

By its very nature, construction is one of the most dangerous professions you could have. Workers often labor long hours, outside in the hot sun and rain, using dangerous equipment and often in hazardous places. Accidents are bound to happen in these conditions, and they happen to construction workers at the workplace more than in any other industry.

The Reality of Construction Work

The first thing to understand is that of all workplace fatalities, 1 in 5 happen at construction sites, despite the fact that construction workers only make up 6% of the labor force. There are 4 main causes of death in the construction industry, dubbed the “Fatal Four.” By paying extra attention to these 4 common causes of fatalities and educating workers about them, the vast majority of construction accidents could be eliminated.

  • Falls (38.7%) – The overwhelmingly leading cause of death is falls, since the jobsite is often an unfinished structure or an excavation. There are many holes, openings in the floor and walls, ramps, ladders, unprotected sides, and unsafe walking spaces which all make falls especially dangerous.
  • Struck by Object (9.4%) – For many of the same reasons, heavy materials falling onto workers below can be extremely hazardous. Also included in this category are workers killed by automobile impact. The construction site has many dangers caused by the negligence of others.
  • Electrocutions (8.3%) – Workers are at risk of electrocution when they come into contact with power lines, or when wires are not properly grounded. This can happen especially during construction of buildings and when using equipment incorrectly.
  • Caught In-between Objects (7.3%) – This category includes deaths from collapsing structures of material, as well as being caught in equipment. It highlights the dangers posed by improperly built structures and the nature of the equipment used in the industry.

When an accident happens, it can be devastating for that worker and their family. There is a chance that the injury could be so damaging that the worker could never go back to the job, putting their family in a dire financial situation. It is extremely important to document any injuries on a jobsite and to see a doctor immediately to make the case for worker’s compensation as strong as possible.

Personal Injury Attorney

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