5 Auto Accident Statistics You Should Know

Nobody plans for a car accident, yet it is one of those things in life that nearly everybody experiences. Even the safest drivers can be involved in an accident, since they can do nothing about the dangerous habits of other motorists. All it takes is a slippery road, a negligent driver, or a distraction. Here are some statistics about accidents which may shock you, or maybe even confirm your suspicions about the dangers of driving.

  1. In Florida, an accident occurred every 80 seconds last year

According to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System, there were 396,234 crashes last year in the sunshine state. That works out to about one every minute and twenty seconds. Around 41% of these crashes resulted in an injury.

  1. Drunk driving killed someone in the U.S. every 50 minutes in 2016

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that about 29 people die every day in alcohol-related automobile crashes. That means every year over 10,000 people die in drunk driving incidents. The most likely age group to be affected by this is those 16-24 years old, which was responsible for about 40% of all drunk driving fatalities.

  1. Annual cost of alcohol-related auto accidents is upwards of $44 Billion

Data taken in 2010 shows just how costly drunk driving is economically; the government estimates it results in $44 billion in damages annually. This number takes into account medical costs, wage losses, household productivity losses, property damage, legal costs, and more.

  1. Distracted driving is dangerous driving

Driving distractions fall into 3 categories: visual, manual, and mental. Visual distractions could be reading a billboard or looking at the landscape, while manual distractions are those where the driver takes their hands off the wheel. Mental distractions involve a compromised mental or emotional state. All of these caused a combined 391,000 injuries and 3,477 fatalities in 2015.

  1. This year in Florida there have been 638 accident-related injuries every day

So far, 2018 has witnessed 106,126 crashes, about 40% of which have caused at least one injury. In just 3 ½ months this year there have been 67,680 total injuries to date.

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